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1. Marketing

MNP pro-actively engage with markets, and acts as intermediary between African producers and export buyers, facilitating the development of viable and enduring trading relationships.
MNP together with partners drive the marketing of marula products to higher-value producers.

2. Co-ordination

MNP coordinates producers in different provinces within the country and beyond, developing the bulk volumes required to sustain market niches, whilst achieving economies of scale in production, processing, transport and quality control.

3. Processing

PULP - MNP processes pulp, where quantities of fruit pulp required exceed MNP’s capacity to pulp, MNP supplies unprocessed marula fruit to fruit processors who then pulps and sells to the customer.
OIL - MNP processes oil and supplies partners and customers. MNP currently outsource its refining services.

4. Product development

MNP seeks to develop its own value-added cosmetic products.

5. Research and Development

MNP invest itself in product R&D, and enter into collaborative research with commercial partners, its proponents and thus create products for which there is demonstrable demand.


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