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The delicious, all-organic taste of marula fruit reflects its origins as the "food of kings." With up to four times the Vitamin C of orange juice, marula fruit pulp is a clear choice for healthy juice drinkers. Studies show that marula fruit is high in potassium, calcium and magnesium. Marula fruit pulp is both nutritious and tasty, and makes an excellent base to combine with any number of beverages.

Marula Natural Products Pty Ltd uses a fully organic process to extract the fruit. Marula fruit is picked off the ground (not in trees, as is popularly depicted) when ripe, by local women of the Bushbuckridge area. Any fruit picked from the trees is rejected, which assists in keeping the project environmentally sustainable. The fruit is sold by kilogramme, and is then sorted, hand-washed and peeled by local women. This fruit is then processed in our factory where it is made into fruit pulp. Fruit pulp is frozen into barrels according to the specifications of our customers.

Local communities have used marula fruit for generations to cure and prevent scurvy; the anti-scorbutic value of the fresh fruit makes it important to their base diet. There is a wealth of legends around the marula fruit and its many uses that add to its cultural value.

Marula fruit is described as being tart, sweet and refreshing, with a "guava-like" taste and anything from "tropical" to "revitalising" to "pleasant" or "sour-sweet."

The fruit pulp serves as an excellent base for fruit soft drinks, nectars and teas; alcoholic beverages such as brandies, liqueurs, brew (Marula Beer), wines and punches. Given that each 100g of marula fruit comes with 194mg of Vitamin C and marula's various other properties, some of the potential uses for the pulp are yet to be explored.

As an organic berry from the wild and as a Fairly Traded product, Marula fruit pulp adds to our customers' profile as a delicious, environmentally and socially friendly juice product. Marula is indeed the most African of all fruit!

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Marula Fruit Pulp

At harvest time, ripe fruit is gathered by participating women in the rural areas and brought to our depot. Sales, selection and quality control of fruit is monitored together with the South African Department of Water and Forestry.

Delicious fresh fruit pulp and juice are expressed using simple, 100% natural and hygienic methods, sealed in plastic bags and supplied frozen.

Marula fruit pulp is high in vitamin C (54mg per 100g) and minerals. The fruit juice is now being commercially marketed by a leading South African manufacturer, as a seasonal flavour

Marula Natural Products supplies a completely organic fruit product. The wild fruit harvest is fairly traded and carefully graded before being processed. Due to this selection process which has been refined over the years, MNP is able to ensure the highest quality fruit with a high sugar content.

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