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Amazing Marula

Ripe Marula fruit is gathered from the wild, by hand, in the tribal heartlands of the Limpopo province in South Africa.

The Marula Natural Products company is an eco-friendly, low-tech enterprise designed to uplift women in rural communities and provide a sustainable income for families in the tribal lands of the Limpopo valley. Marula products are fairly traded and directly benefit rural villages while encouraging the protection of the Marula trees in their natural environment.

Fruit Pulp Essential Oil Edible Oil
Marula fruit pulp contains FOUR TIMES MORE valuable vitamin C than oranges. Plus it has a delicious and unique flavour. More...
Marula essential oil is an effective SKIN CONDITIONER: its cosmetic and anti-oxidant properties soften, soothe and re-hydrate the skin. More...
Marula edible seed oil is RICH in nutritious PROTEINS and minerals and contains active anti-oxidants. Use as a healthy alternative to saturated oils. More...

Marula Natural Products Pty Ltd works closely with communities through Fair Trade values to ensure that company success translates to poverty alleviation and empowerment. Most participants in the marula programme are women, and this opportunity is uniquely suited to the constraints they face making a living. More...

Exciting opportunities exist for both donor funding of extension work and development projects, and commercial investment partnerships in research into of new marula products and processes. Collaboration is also sought with companies who have expertise in the commercialisation of novel and active cosmetic ingredients and/or food and beverage development. More...


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