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The regeneration and continuous improvement of the Marula trees is critical to the future of Marula Natural Products Pty Ltd future success. Sustainable harvesting and community forestry is something that has been undertaken by rural communities over the generations. These local activities are supported by Marula Natural Products, and the company works closely with key stakeholders to build onto the existing processes.

Rural marula farmers have recognised over the years that some fruit are sweeter and bigger than others. They have increasingly selected, grafted and planted in the communities these higher quality trees. This means that we can increasingly bring you superior Marula pulp and Marula oil.

The Community Forestry part of our programme is also undertaken in partnership with the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry of the South African government. It is a programme of continuous liaison with the communities to maximise their opportunities as farmers to meet the growing demand of Marula Natural Products Pty Ltd in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.



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